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Project Description

A Windows Service that acts as an SMTP Server and relays messages through the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), making it possible to use Amazon SES with SMTP enabled Windows and Web Applications. It can be used as either a SmartHost for IIS SMTP Server or as a standalone SMTP server.

The SMTP server was made to be simple and easy to integrate with IIS Virtual SMTP Server and as such does not provide authentication (yet). To simplify things, the Amazon SES SMTP server can sit behind the IIS Virtual SMTP Server as a SmartHost, allowing IIS to take care of all security restriction, authentication and queuing. For more information on setting up the SmartHost click here.


To install the service, follow these steps:

1. Open the App Config file named "SES_Server.exe.config" and replace <Your AWSAccessKey> with your AWS Access and <Your AWSSecretKey> with your Secret Key.
2. Set Port and Domain (optional) 
3. Run "install.bat" as an Administrator to install and start the service. (You may have to edit the bat file and include the complete path of SES_Server.exe)


To use the SMTP server either directly or set it as a SmartHost for IIS Virtual STMP Server use the following settings:
- Server:
- Port: 26 (default port in Config file)

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